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New signage for Hyperion Auctions in St Ives

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Oval Swing Signs - Double sided created for Hyperion Aucitons by Far-awayART whittlesey

Far Away Art were so pleased to be contacted about providing new signage for Hyperion Auctions in St Ives. Hyperion Auctions have recently had all new branding and a new website which was was created by Signpost Media, the local website designers that helped us with our own website. Part of the re-branding that Signpost Media were doing for Hyperion included all new signage outside. Lester from Hyperion Auctions got in touch with Far Away Art to discuss everything that they were looking to have done, along with the challenge of creating all the signage within a short deadline.

The requirement from Hyperion Auctions was requested at 9.49am on the 20th May, and by 2.11pm on the 20th may a quote had been produced and proofs were sent on the 21st may. After a few amendments and changes, the proof was approved by the 26th May. Far Away Art completed the work for Hyperion Auctions with collection ready and collected on the 29th May.

Far Away Art produced the following signage for Hyperion Auctions in St Ives

  1. Front of House sign - Single side 3mm ibond - 2960 x 405mm

  2. Oval Swing Signs - Double sided 3mm ibond - 660 x 430mm

  3. Bespoke Wall Brackets - Black powder coated

  4. Wall Sign - Single sided 3mm ibond 685 x 915mm

  5. Heavy Based, Durable Pavement Swinger with Black frame Print both sides onto removeable aluminium panel

All of the print gloss was laminated to protect from scratching. Far Away Art also used ibond, which is a high-strength aluminium composite material featuring two aluminium sheets, sandwiching with a non-toxic low density polyethylene core with a polyester coating on both sides.

Hyperion Auctions are delighted with the quality and finish of the signage provided by Far Away Art and they sent us over these photos to show how good it all looks outside their Auctions House, Antiques Centre and The Courtyard which is Hyperions outdoor shopping experience situated in a cobbled courtyard.

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