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Online shopping has opened doors for shoppers everywhere, bringing once unavailable products to their doorstep and discounted prices.

While this may be a great idea for certain products, there are multiple reasons why you may get more than you bargained for when buying printed products online.

1. You don’t know what you’re getting until you’ve got it.

Nothing is worse than waiting for a package and then being surprised at what lies inside the box. You’ve already spent time, and money on the printing – now what do you do? Purchasing printed products online, like business cards and banners, means you are taking a risk at what your final product is going to look like. Local print shops like ours have samples ready for you to view and colour swatches to help you determine what would work best for your project.

2. Surprise! Your order comes with extra fees!

If paying £5 for a box of business cards still sounds good to you, consider this – you’ll pay at least that much in the shipping and handling. Online retailers create a lot of buzz for listing products at discounted prices, hoping that once you get it in your cart, you won’t notice the extra fees they add on during check out.

3. Customer Service

So you got your printed product and it’s wrong – now what do you do? You’ll have to call their customer service line, sit on hold for a while and then talk to a person who has never met you face-to-face and likely never will. Is that person going to work hard for you?

4. Checking print quality and colours

Spending money locally comes with the added benefit of seeing your designer in person, and being able to view hard copies of proofs. If we are supplied artwork we will always check it for quality and printing issues and inform you of these before proceeding any further. We will help to resolve any issues.

5. Long Turnaround

Buying online means added waiting time. Often, online printers have a standard 7-day long turnaround time, which is more than reasonable, but add in extra time in transit and you’re looking at possibly 2-3 weeks.

Ordering from Far-awayART PRINT SERVICES means you’ll have your product ready in a fraction of that time.

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