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Five reasons why print material is effective by Far-awayART.

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It's obvious that Far-awayART have a passion for all things print, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the increasingly digital world that we now live in. We use digital media in our lives and here at work and we have our own website which is how you are reading this blog right now. But digital media doesn't need to replace print media which is still an incredibly important part of the marketing mix. Using print media helps your business to extend its reach to potential customers. Below are five reasons why printed material is effective:


If you are investing in printed media, it shows that you are serious about the business and the offering that you have and this increases credibility.

Link it to digital

Links can be placed onto printed media that can drive customers to your digital media offering. This way you can easily evaluate the performance of your message within printed media.

Increased engagement

Our online digital attention span is far shorter than it is for print media. We skim read online content very quickly which is different to how we engage with printed media.


As well as choosing how you distribute the printed media, it can also be designed specifically to your target market.

Longer lifespan

Unlike digital media, you can keep printed media which means it has a longer lifespan.

We hope you enjoyed this short blog? Far-awayART PRINT SERVICES are based in Whittlesey near Peterborough and have over 30 years' experience in the printing industry. We offer a wide range of print media services including brochures, leaflets, roller banners, business cards and stationery. If you would like to learn more about our services or request a quote you can contact us at or call - 01733 247461 / 01733 229226

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