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Socks & ‘smellies’ again for Christmas gifts! They’re all so impersonal - So forgettable!

Like one of those novelty wine glasses that holds an entire bottle of wine, you might be tempted to use it after a busy day at work, but in reality it will probably sit in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust or be re-gifted. Why not get special something that’s a more unique & thoughtful? Allow us to get your creative present-buying juices flowing.... 1) A Personalised Photo Book Photo albums have been a go-to Christmas gift for years. They’re always well received. Who doesn’t love flicking through photos to relive memory-after-memory? 2) Canvas Prints Inspirational quotes on a canvas are nice enough. But they’ve become a bit of a cliché. Why not turn your loved ones memories into a work of wall art! Create a collage canvas, a large single-photo canvas, or order multiple Canvas prints so your recipient can create a wall tile gallery of treasured memories at home. 3) Personalised Products If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s a massive tea junky, then a Personalised Mug is just the tipple for them. We can print your photo or image onto our selection of drinking vessels along with any text. As well as Mugs we personalise a wide range of products. Check out the price list on our website. 4) Personalised Calendars An ideal gift for someone who struggles to stick to plans, but also great for anyone who’ll appreciate reliving their most precious memories every month. You can even have specific photos or highlight those special dates within each month. The Christmas countdown clock is well and truly ticking…don’t leave it too late!

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